This error can happen for a variety of reasons.  This is usually caused by a slow internet connect or a full browser cache. If you tried this and are still having problems, follow the steps below.

If you are using a Functional Skills System title

To fix this error, you need to interrupt the assignment. When you are on a screen that is showing the 500 error, copy and paste the following link into your browswer.

Once pasted into the address bar, press the return/enter key on your keyboard. This will interrupt your assignment and allow you to access another assignment or restart your locked up assignment.

We recommend that you clear your browser’s cache prior to starting or resuming any assignment to ensure that this error will not happen again.

All other programs (MECA, Personal Responsibility, The Success Profiler)

If you come across a 500 error when using any other program, please contact technical support using the link at the top of the screen.  Please provide us with the email address for the user and the assignment name that your users is having problems with.