To view the data that has been collected on your users, select the User Data tab.  There are two ways to view your report data.  Use the Report Generator or view the reports by individual user.

The Report Generator will allow you to run a report on one user, a group of users or the entire system.  You can pick and choose which products you would like reports on. To use the report generator, select the Report Generator button from the list on the left.

Choose if you want to generate a report by User, Group or System.

Once you have made your choice, you can select a date range.  Leave it blank to select all dates.

Next, choose which products and which sections of the product that you want a report on.  You can skip products, skips specific parts of a product or even select all products.  It is up to you to decide what you want in this report.

Once you have made your choices, select the Generate Report button.  Your report is generated in the background so you do not have to wait around for it to complete.  This may take a while depending on how many users and how many products you selected.  When it is ready, you will receive a link via email.  Click the link in the email and you will be taken back to Conover Online where you can download the report.

If you would like to view a specific report for an individual that is very printer-friendly, you can use the reports for each product.

If you select any one of these products, the button will expand and you will be able to see the individual sections that make up each product.

Once you choose a section, all users who have a report in that product and section will appear.  You can search and sort the list.  You can also filter by date, group and tag.  Select the details link to view the report.

You can download or print the report

We also offer some additional report in certain products.

Summaries – These reports will give you the raw data for a group of users.  This data will be formatted as a spreadsheet.  This way you can view the user’s scores in a spreadhseet for faster viewing. Also, you can generate our own stats using the formulas in your spreadsheet program.\

Credentials – Credentials as certificates that can be printed out and handed to the user.  They can be used as Certificates of Completion.

Interpretive Guides – These documents can help you interpret the results of the Maps.