To add a new User (or Students), select the Create Account tab.

Make sure that User is selected for the account type.

Fill in the Users Full Name and Email Address. The Email Address does not have to be real.  If the user does not have one, you can make one up.

The Send login credentials checkbox will allow you to send a welcome email to the user that will included their login information. We recommend that you leave this unchecked unless you are using a real email address for the user.

Next, Choose a group. A group allows you to separate Administrators and Users into separate groups to keep the data private. Click here to learn more about groups.

Next, choose which tags you would like to add to the User. Tags are simple descriptions that allow you to filter and sort your listing of accounts. Click here for more information about tags.

Finally, enter a password and verify the password. Next, you can choose some of the program options for your user.  The General Settings will allow you to control the font size and text-to-speech settings.

The Functional Skills Settings will allow you to set the options for the Functional Skills System program.

The MECA Settings will allow you to set the options for The MECA System program.

Select Create User to Create the user account.